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The Gandhi Tour benefit Event in New York

Okt. 10th 2007

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1001 Ways with there Gandhi Tour programm spezial guest at

Earthdance Peace Festival Den Bosch / NL

15. -16. Sept. 2007

Music 4 Peace with Dancing City at MIDEM 07

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Music 4 Peace presenting at MIDEM:
The Gandhi Tour 30 Days of Peace

Meet us at Swiss-Stand (Dancing-City / Starsearch-Europe Booth: 04.11 ; 06.01)

Gandhi's "Satyagraha"
"100 Years of Nonviolence"

launch of The Gandhi-Tour at 10th Earthdance Peace Festival in California

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The Launch of the Gandhi-Tour

at the 10th EARTHDANCE hub event in California

on September 15th 2006

The Gandhi Tour / 30 Days of Peace


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with the 1001 WAYS (world beat) multimedia live act
and special guest Arun Gandhi.

Arun Gandhi

grandson of Mahatma Gandhi,
give his congratulations to the Gandhi-Tour

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Global Peace Concert (ATL) & Music 4 Peace
Music 4 Peace Founder, Tobias Huber was selected for the Committee
of The Global Peace Concert Atlanta
(Anniversary of Martin Luther King`s "I Have A Dream!")

13.9. 06 Interview about The Gandhi Tour
with Dr. Arun Gandhi. Music by Ozomatli, 1001Ways,
Toshi Reagon, DJ Logic, and Yaya Daillo

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1001 Ways / Gandhi Tour, Interview at Hammer TV

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24.8. 2006, Interview about The Gandhi Tour
with Tobias Huber / 1001Ways by Meria Heller at US Internet Radio
(listeners of 60 Nations)
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Meet international performer and producer Tobias Huber of 1001 Ways Gandhi and as we discuss his awesome music, Earthdance and people working for peace (and playing for peace) worldwide. Hear some of the most beautiful music and the original words of Mahatma Gandhi "Gandhi", "Nahma Om" and more. Dr. Arun Gandhi (see archives) is joining the World Peace Tour which comes to California on September 15th. What is a callabash and the symbology of it?; fighting hunger worldwide; the Gandhi Tour; Music is the international language of love" - enjoy the love in this show!

At Earthdance hub Event, We, The World has presented to
Arun Gandhi (grandson of Mohandas K. Gandhi) the Heart of Humanity Award.

Music 4 Peace has supported
1001Ways Album Gandhi
"Feat. the Original Voice of Mahatma Gandhi"

Gandhi (radio mix)_

Dream come true.....

Namah Om_

Compliments of Arun Gandhi (Grandson of Mahatma Gandhi)
"Thank you very much. The Peace Song is very moving. Liked it very much."

Arun Gandhi

Music 4 Peace with Dancing City at MIDEM 06

  meet us at the Swiss-Stand (Booth: 04.11 ; 06.01)

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