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The Gandhi Tour
"Be the change you wish to see in the world" (Mahatma Gandhi)
The touring Music Festival for Peace
Give Peace a Chance - Give Peace a Dance - This is Your Chance

The Gandhi Tour is uniting artists (World-music, Pop, Fusions and DJ's...)
and charity organizations topromote non-violence among all cultures and generations. The Festival will take place on special locations all over the world.
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The Launch of the Gandhi Tour
at the 10th EARTHDANCE hub event in California on September 15th 2006

Gandhi Tour is celebrating Gandhi’s 100 years of Non-violence with Dr. Arun Gandhi

and 1001 Ways (world beat) multimedia live act.
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see the Gandhi Multimedia Program Live Video

Mahatma Gandhi's Original Film sequences with special permission of:
"Courtesy: GandhiServe Foundation,

1001 Ways US Tour is financially supported by:

Ressort Kultur Basel Switzerland, Suisa-Stiftung für Musik,

The Gandhi Tour, a touring music festival, will provide a special ambience for a peaceful gathering. The mission of the tour is to promote non-violence and peace among all generations, cultures and religions and to highlight "the global need to eliminate hunger".

Including local artists as well as international stars, the Gandhi Tour will be a firework of music & messages that unites artists from different cultures and styles.

Every event features special guest speakers, spreading awareness about non-violence and peace. At the launch event 15.Sept. 2006 in California the speech has been given by
Arun Gandhi, the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi.

The GANDHI-Tour will unite Artists (World-music, Pop, Fusions and DJ's...)
and Charity Organizations to stop hunger and promote nonviolence among all generations.

The following world tour will choose special locations around the globe.

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We are open for collaborations...
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1001Ways Album Gandhi
"Feat. the Original Voice of Mahatma Gandhi"

1001Ways has produced a Album of high Intention: GANDHI, mysterious
Peace-Songs featuring the original voice of Mahatma Gandhi (spiritual message1931).
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1001 Ways: Gandhi

Gandhi (radio mix)____

Dream come true___

Namah Om_____

Gandhi Album (mp3)

Compliments of Arun Gandhi (Grandson of Mahatma Gandhi)

"Thank you very much. The Peace Song is very moving. Liked it very much."

Arun Gandhi

Founder / President, M. K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence

This message of peace offers truth and hope in a time of fears, terror and war! Music is one of the strongest channels to re-announce this important message to the World!
The World-Music Project 1001Ways was born in 1985, during this time the group1001Ways performed years in the streets of Europe, inspired by Gandhi's live of non-violence and multicultural understanding.

Since then 1001Ways are carrying a special Calabash, as a symbol of reducing hunger and with this finally stop war.

They have offered a calabash to the UN at the "No Excuse-Concert" in New York in course of the 1001Ways "small peace world tour 2004"
(New York-Lahore/Pakistan) as a symbol of their support of the millennium development goals against hunger and poverty!

1001 Ways part of The Gandhi Tour was celebrating Gandhiís
100 years of Non-violence with Dr. Arun Gandhi at Earthdance peace festival 2006,
support the Gandhi-Tour.

CD Gandhi by 1001 Ways feat. Mahatma Gandhi
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